British Guideline on the Management of Asthma grants permission for
British health professionals to recommend Buteyko.

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Ventolin inhalerIf you suffer from asthma, sinus problems, coughing, blocked nose or other related conditions we believe we can help you.
"I can play with my kids without looking for inhalers" Yvonne.
"...most amazing was the lady with what seemed to me a terminally blocked nose who by day two had started to breathe through it!" Steve.

"In a very small space of time I found that I had stopped coughing completely" Ian


What do you


Book cover of the Doctor Buteyko's Discovery TrilogyWe teach you the principles researched and developed by Professor KP Buteyko: The Buteyko Method consists of "Buteyko breathing education" and practical "Buteyko breathing exercises" to restore the breathing in the direction of the norm, which in turn reduces symptoms.


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overbreathingWe use Professor Buteyko's theory and practical breathing exercises. The core of this theory is based on the fact that hidden hyperventilation to chronic hyperventilation* is bad for you. If you consistently overbreathe in this way you will start to set off your body's protective mechanisms to combat the loss of Carbon Dioxide CO2 (genetic predisposition) ie. Asthma, Sinus Problems, coughing and an array of other conditions and symptoms. Also it will start to create oxygen starvation to every part of the body due to the depressed Bohr Effect.

*Hyperventilation: to breathe at an abnormally rapid rate, so increasing the rate of loss of carbon dioxide. We also refer above to "hidden hyperventilation" because the rate of rapid breathing is often very subtle and can go unnoticed.

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TheSelf help is a great way to start learning The Buteyko Method. You would gain great benefit from learning the background, theory and the terminology of The Buteyko Method before going to see a Buteyko Instructor.

You can learn from: Buteyko Presentations, Books, eBooks, Home Education Kits, DVDs, Videos and YouTube (links below).

The above do not take the place of a Buteyko Instructor so ultimately you may decide to consult a trained Buteyko Instructor.