Clearing Reactions

When deep breathing is eliminated using the Method, the metabolic processes are normalised. The excretory organs work more efficiently, and that’s what leads to the body cleansing itself.

Dr Buteyko’s Discovery: The Destruction of the Labratory, Volume 1 Chapter 19

“It all depends how intensively people practise and on the severity of their condition.”

Dr Buteyko’s Discovery: The Destruction of the Labratory, Volume 1 Chapter 19

Excerpt from the Calgary Buteyko Trial

University of Calgary, Canada 2008:
Randomized controlled trial of the Buteyko breathing technique.
Conclusions: Buteyko safe, effective and no adverse effects.

Dr Buteyko’s Discovery: The Destruction of the Labratory
Excerpts from Volume 1 Chapter 19

Clearing reactions using the Buteyko Breathing Technique…“Yes, that’s right,” the Doctor confirmed. “In the handbook we took the line of caution. We said that in some severe cases, the overall picture will be one of gradual improvement but some symptoms may temporarily recur in the second to eighth week or later. Such recurrences are part of the healing process. That’s what we said – but actually there’s no hard and fast rule about it. In the Lab – as you can testify – we’ve seen cases where clearing reactions have started just a few hours after breath training gets underway. It all depends how intensively people practise and on the severity of their condition.” Buteyko found the passage he’d been quoting in the handbook and marked it with his fingernail. He leant back a little, making himself more comfortable. “Clearing reactions are an interesting phenomenon. For ten years after the Discovery of the diseases of deep breathing I myself knew nothing about what we now call the clearing processes. So I didn’t mention them anywhere. Of course patients had no knowledge of them either – and things generally went without a hitch. No-one was scared of anything. People just thought, ‘I’ve go a bit of an upset stomach’. Or maybe a patient had to empty his bowels an extra time. Maybe someone’s urine was a different colour. So what? People might have a bit more saliva. Or a period of disrupted sleep…

…“The clearing reactions are actually quite simple. Deep breathing disrupts the metabolic process in the cells, starving them of oxygen. The body then excretes beneficial salts – sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus – as it compensates for the increasingly alkaline environment. You’ll know how that movement towards alkalinity occurs, I’m sure.” The Doctor wrote down the chemical formula on a piece of paper and moved it over to Natalya. “Carbon dioxide dissolved in water is exactly the same thing as carbonic acid.” He jabbed a finger at the formula he had written. “And since deep breathing brings about a deficiency of carbon dioxide in the body, the inner environment naturally becomes more alkaline. Deep breathing distorts immune reactions since it leads to an accumulation in the body of partially oxidised metabolic compounds that cause allergic reactions when they come into contact with external allergens. When deep breathing is eliminated using the Method, the metabolic processes are normalised. The excretory organs work more efficiently, and that’s what leads to the body cleansing itself. In the majority of patients, clearing reactions are observed through all possible channels: salivation increases, as does lachrymation and sweating; people experience head colds, the elimination of phlegm and so on. It’s a very beneficial process. But unfortunately it can be a bit painful. It’s actually like the patient’s illness re-run backwards. The fainthearted can take fright. But clearings don’t occur without any let-up – they happen when the maximum pause reaches the 10, 20, 40 and 60-second thresholds. And it’s important that these thresholds do get reached! It takes some people months to get there… 

Buteyko Breathing Course Over 10 Days
Excerpts from Volume 2 Chapter 34

Clearing reactions with severe radiation exposure…“Something else which helped me was that the VEDB Method seems to me to be very straightforward but also uncompromising. If you work at your health you’ll be healthy. If you’re lazy, you’ll fall ill again. “

Of course, mastering the Method will also bring you up against hidden stumbling blocks which you’ll need to have the strength of character to overcome,” he continued, leaning his prematurely greying head to the right. “For example, a lot of patients are really scared of coming up against the past. When you warn them that during clearings they’ll experience a kind of accelerated re-run of their illnesses, you can get an immediate refusal. But the Method is based on two fundamental reactions: oxidation and restoration. So everything to do with the Method happens entirely on the physiological plane and is entirely explicable. It’s the surest way to real longevity and perfect health. Given all that, why panic about health-giving cleansings?

“Six times between 1983 and 1987, when I was training intensively, I was completely poleaxed. This was when I had pauses of twenty two and twenty four seconds – despite the received wisdom that major clearings occur only when the pause reaches multiples of ten seconds. While I was using the Method the stones accumulated in my kidneys passed out so violently that my ureter got blocked.”

Alevtina Kovrova’s plump shoulders shuddered with fright at the thought. She was listening intently.

“But there’s no reason for you to go getting scared,” said Sarantsev, who had noticed. “Don’t compare your case with mine. Remember, I was a victim of severe radiation exposure. Nobody ever used to be cured of that. Lots of my workmates have been six feet under for years.”

He went back to pick up the main thread of his story: “Since in the meantime I’d transferred to the construction department… 

Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery
Volume 3 (will be published in July 2021)
Part 1 “Physicians forbid her to give birth!”
Part 2 “Painless Child Birth”
Excerpts from Volume 3 Chapter 22

Clearing reactions during pregnancy…“Any doctor who hears my account, at least any doctor who is not familiar with Dr Buteyko’s theory, just says that what I experienced was ‘typical nausea and vomiting of pregnancy’.”

“Of course”, Maria Suvorova’s daughter, moving so she had her back to the sun, nodded in agreement.

“No! And I must emphasise it again: NO!”, Ludmila Sokolovskaya even struck the rickety garden table with her fist. “It was a ‘typical clearing’ episode! That’s what I kept telling myself during that period and I’m saying the same thing to you today. The clearing process is characterised by the abruptness of its beginning and end. It starts suddenly and stops suddenly. In contrast, ordinary nausea and vomiting of pregnancy begins gradually and gets worse by degrees. It requires immense medical effort to treat it and it recedes equally slowly and the woman can still feel its effects for a long time afterwards. “Moreover, the fact that in my case, exactly three days after it had begun, on Sunday at 11.30am (the same time it had all started), it suddenly stopped just like that and I felt all light and wonderful, definitely suggests that it was a typical clearing episode!

“A good way of checking this is to look at the control pause. Immediately before a clearing episode, the control pause unexpectedly undergoes a dramatic rise. It can suddenly increase by two or three seconds – or more. And, as you all know only too well, ordinarily, doing the exercises to achieve an increase in the control pause of even one or two seconds is, alas, no easy matter”, Ludmila Sokolovskaya pushed back her hair, which had been ruffled by the wind, and looked meaningfully at plump Anna Zotova who squirmed uncomfortably beneath her understanding gaze. Everyone is different but getting Ms Zotova to increase her control pause by these few additional seconds would be an achievement indeed.

“Then, at the start of the clearing process, the length of the control pause suddenly drops as abruptly as it rose. Sometimes it drops as low as the level it was at initially, back when the individual first started doing the Buteyko Method exercises.”

Anna Zotova drew her voluminous wrapper more tightly around her and shivered, although the garden in which they sat was suffused with summer heat.

“The pause remains quite short throughout the period of clearing, because all the CO2 which has been produced goes towards rebuilding the specific system of the body being cleansed at that particular time (and note that it’s important to keep practising the Method during the clearing process, though not to excess).”

“Could you repeat that last bit again, please”, asked the actress, who was making notes in an exercise book.

“Yes, yes! One particular system of the body is being ‘retuned’ during the clearing process”, Dr Sokolovskaya uttered the words slowly and clearly.

“The end of this process is accompanied by a sharp increase in the length of the pause. The control pause rises above the level at which the clearing took place. The individual who has just experienced this clearing process immediately feels they have attained a new, higher state of health. They experience a surge of energy,” the trainer’s voice became noticeably stronger. “You see, the individual has overcome their ill-health. They have ‘purged’ themselves of the accumulated ‘pathogenic grime’.”…

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