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150 DISEASES OF DEEP BREATHING that can be treated by the VEDB (Volitional Elimination of Deep Breathing) also know as the Buteyko Breathing Technique.
1. Pre-asthmatic conditions:
a. allergic respiratory disease
b. polyvalent allergy
c. laryngospasm (voice loss)
d. allergic conjunctivitis
e. food allergies…

Control Pause (measurement of health)

The control pause is a holding of the breath after an ordinary exhalation of
air, until you experience the first TINY desire to breathe in! Until the very first, very tiniest desire!…

Buteyko Breathing Exercises

Exercise No 1

1. Place a normal comfortable chair in the middle of the room, with one corner turned forward.
2. Stand with your back to the edge of the chair, so that you are astride the corner.

Clearing Reactions

“When deep breathing is eliminated using the Method, the metabolic processes are normalised. The excretory organs work more efficiently, and that’s what leads to the body cleansing itself.“

Buteyko Charts

Normal breathing: Figure 1: showing 2-3 second inbreath, 3-4 second outbreath & 3-4 second pause.

Breath hold: Figure 2: showing inbreath, outbreath & pause. (All Buteyko breath holds are after the outbreath)

Breathing in sick subject: Figure 3: showing 1 second inbreath & 1 second outbreath.

Buteyko Breathing Chart: Normal breathing, Diagram used in the 1964 manual…

Carbon Dioxide

The over-evaluation of the role of oxygen
Buteyko Short eNovel by Sergey Altukhov

The content of this written work is fact and is written in the style of a documentary novel.

Chapter 18
What baggage did Dr Buteyko bring with him to the beginning of Perestroika? The lie about the primacy of oxygen in breathing


…This website and the books of Sergey Altukhov are for general information purposes only. The Buteyko Method should only be practised under the guidance of a trained practitioner.

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