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Buteyko Breathing Course Over 10 Days
by Sergey Altukhov

The Buteyko Method is a well studied and highly effective method mainly used to overcome and manage symptoms of chronic respiratory illnesses such as asthma and other respiratory challenges. Yet, few people have understood the complex subtleties of how this method should be applied individually.

This conceptually unusual book gives insight into how Professor Buteyko’s method of breathing re-training and normalization worked in a clinical setting from several points of view.

Reading between the lines of this fascinating Russian-styled “scripted” manual, we can find how to apply the Method to our own health. Alternately taking on the role of the practitioner and patient in the story, allows for interactive role-play that encourages the reader to become aware of their own breathing and how it is affecting their symptoms.

A fascinating look at this incredible Russian discovery, that offers first hand experiences in an easy to read (and apply) story-type format.

Buteyko Breathing Exercises Explained In Detail
by Sergey Altukhov

Distance learning has been an established teaching technique for some time now and we are not the first to have recourse to it, although it has never formally been used before to teach Academician K.P. Buteyko’s methodology. On the other hand, I worked as a trainer with Dr Buteyko from 1987 until the day he passed on (on 2 May 2003) and I can vouch that the first Buteyko handbooks began appearing in the early 1960s. And what is a handbook, if not a form of ‘distance’ learning? True, they were always designed in a way that could not be followed without a trainer’s help. There was always the assumption that the trainer would be on hand with the handbook.

But it’s a big world. Time has passed and everything changes. I wrote the trilogy on “Dr Buteyko’s Discovery” and it seems to me that now Dr Buteyko is dead, the time has come to use distance learning more actively, or the wider world will never know about his Discovery of Diseases Associated with Deep Breathing. Dr Buteyko himself dreamt of getting his message across more widely. The main reason for the present guide is my belief that trainers teach an excessively narrow version of the technique.

We are so lucky to have Sergey sharing his wealth of experience with Professor Buteyko and his method. Please publish more books, Sergey!

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Dr KP Buteyko – Interview Video Transcript 1998 Part 1
by Sergey Altukhov

Dr Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko is at his home office, Sergey Altukhov is leading this event also in the video is colleagues Elena Ivanovna Volodina and Lyubov Georgievna Karetnikova. There are others in the room that will speak in later parts still to be transcribed in Russian and translated into English.

Excerpt: at 40.34 minutes
Dr Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko
“Dr Buteyko: Because there is the concept of “intellectual impenetrability”. This discovery was explained at such a high level that it was impenetrable by the ordinary intelligence.
Question off camera: What was the difficulty?
Dr Buteyko: It called for deductive thought.
Question off camera: Describe your discovery for us please.
Dr. Buteyko: I managed to discover, basically, that this life and our civilisation – constitute an anti-world, where everything is on its head. To be more specific, I manage to discover the causes of the most terrible illnesses, the illnesses that dog our civilisation. I discovered the cause of civilisation’s collapse. The root cause of all the things that are currently destroying humankind. But to understand them, you need to use deductive thinking: the science of the rational mind. We are violating all the laws of rationality and this is why we are degenerating.”

Excerpt: at 16.25 minutes
Lyubov Georgievna Karetnikov
“First of all, giving birth on the “Buteyko Method” is completely painless. But I would like to start with a different point. Children born on “the Method” are completely different, and quite unlike the children you have otherwise. Oh, Sergey, switch off the machine. I can’t do it. It’s not coming out right today.”

Excerpt: at 12.56 minutes
Elena Ivanovna Volodina
“I am Elena Volodina and got to know Dr Buteyko in about 1981. At that time I was quite seriously ill. My blood pressure was volatile and would soar very high, and I was troubled with heart pains. After yet another bout of pneumonia I started having asthma attacks, and for six months I started falling apart in a major way. Then fate brought me to Dr Buteyko, and miracles started happening. One by one my symptoms began to disappear. My heart pains stopped. I stopped gasping for breath and I began to feel better. My energy came back and I had the desire to do something; the desire to achieve. I even decided to have more children –two of them.”

The healing that is possible with the Buteyko method transcends what most human beings even think is possible. You can become something greater than you had ever known. Humanity is sick, health is being stolen from the public. Read this book, enlighten yourself, and join the movement. Your life depends on it.

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Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery: The Destruction of the Laboratory
by Sergey Altukhov

Biographical account which documents Doctor KP Buteyko’s theories, teachings and thoughts, also gives a detailed history of the Buteyko breathing method as taught by Dr Buteyko and his colleagues and outlines his belief that the method could be used to treat 150 Diseases of Deep Breathing.
Doctor Buteyko’s Discovery: Volume 1 contains 11 Buteyko Breathing Charts illustrating the Buteyko Method:
Figure 1: Pulmonary ventilation criteria (p. 51, p. 151, p. 179)
Figure 2: Evolution of the atmosphere (p. 52)
Figure 3: Respiration in the human fetus (p. 52)
Figure 4: Diagrams used in the 1964 manual (p. 92)
Figure 5: Spirogram of an asthma attack (p. 134)
Figure 6: Equations linking respiratory parameters (p. 216)
Figure 7: Buteyko’s VEDB Method (p. 229)
Figure 8: Alveolar CO2 in mmHg (p. 229)
Figure 9: Respiration (p. 230)
Figure 10: The effects of hyperventilation (p. 230)
Figure 11: Protective mechanisms (p. 231)

The most important of Buteyko’s practical teachings are contained in the following sections:
Training Khodakevich (a patient with heart disease) in the Method (Chapter 13, pp. 65-70)
Stopping an asthma attack in a celebrated school teacher (Chapter 16, pp. 83-88)
The recipe for Buteyko’s famous ‘borschch and porridge’ (Chapter 20, pp. 116-120)
Stopping an asthma attack in a World War 1 veteran (Chapter 23, pp. 142-145)
Victory of Sablin (a patient) over ischaemic heart disease (Chapter 24, pp. 150-152)
An account of a complete lesson in the Buteyko Method given as part of the 1968 Leningrad trial (Chapter 24, pp. 147-157)
Gudzenko (a patient) learns to control his angina pectoris (Chapter 25, pp. 165-167)
It is important to remember that even the best book is no substitute for training by a Buteyko practitioner, but these practical sections provide a wealth of information for patients.

Quite an amazing story. Anybody interested in the Buteyko technique would do well to read this story to find out what he went through to bring his discovery out into the open. It’s all the more believable when you see the reactions first hand from medical practitioners in this country...

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Gave great background to the struggles Doctor Buteyko faced trying to get us discovery recognised and accepted. Highly recommend for all interested in the Buteyko shallow breathing method.

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Dr Buteyko’s Recommendations for Movement & Exercise
by Sergey Altukhov

These are detailed instructions for exercise, while using the Buteyko Method. They were compiled by the author of the “Dr Buteyko’s Discovery”, Senior Trainer and Supervisor Sergey Altukhov, on the basis of recommendations made by Dr Konstantin Buteyko.

CO2 is made in the cells. Physical exercise and the Buteyko method are inseparable. People must understand this. This booklet teaches a critical lesson. Heed the lesson, apply it alongside your breathwork, and let healing take place.

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Original Dr Buteyko’s Discovery Books by Sergey Altukhov
A part of the Russian to English Buteyko translation project

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