Staying Organized

Who me? Organized? My husband might tell you otherwise, but I do find it hard to keep track of our weekly schedule. You know: school, swimming, grocery shopping, tidying up, paying bills, remembering appointments and so on. Fortunately, in our house we all pitch in. No one person does everything. But we do have a little secret that helps our day run more smoothly.

Published by TheBreathingMan

I'm an ordinary person who, along with a growing number of people, has some extraordinary information about Breathing in Selfhelp Health Care (e.g. asthma, blocked nose and coughing). We believe that this information should be common knowledge throughout the world. Check out my Knol Buteyko Knol Buteyko Projects 1: The main project that I am working on at the moment is the translation of the Doctor Buteyko's Discovery Trilogy by Sergey Altukhov. Buteyko Projects 2: My main interest in the Buteyko breathing technique is the application of the Buteyko breathing exercises and communicating the Buteyko teaching (Buteyko breathing education) for the long term change in thinking and behavior. Buteyko Projects 3: You will be able to access a central website page to Worldwide Buteyko Courses. Buteyko Project 4: Creating a register of Worldwide
Buteyko Instructors / Therapists / Practitioners. Buteyko Project 5: Unifying Buteyko practitioner training a cross the world with the work of the Author of the trilogy: “Dr Buteyko’s Discovery”, Twice certified trainer in the Buteyko Method & Buteyko biographer Sergey Altukhov. Good health Alex Learn the truth about the Buteyko method... "‘…Normalisation of breathing immediately triggers a healing process..." Excerpt from the Buteyko Trilogy Volume 1 Chapter 17: The First Handbook

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